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transfer stickers

Transfer stickers are a high-end style of sticker. They are typically made from a single sheet of vinyl and the excess is ‘weeded’ away leaving a clean, sharp design. They’re great for high-end products and merch stores, as they make your logos and words stand out from the rest of the design.

Clear vinyl transfer stickers | Vinyl Status work for glass and metal surfaces like laminated doors, making them a perfect option for logos and names that need to be placed precisely. The adhesive on these stickers is extra strong and they’re designed to last a long time.

Static clings are another type of sticky label that can be applied to a variety of surfaces, including walls and metal, but they don’t offer the same longevity as transfer stickers. They also need to be placed onto smooth surfaces that don’t have too much texture.

How to Apply Transfer Stickers Like a Pro: Tips and Tricks

Rub-on transfers are also a popular type of custom sticker. They’re easy to use and apply, and they’re often used to decorate items such as clothes. They’re not permanent, though, so you’ll need to keep them somewhere that they won’t get too hot or cold.

Laminating sheets are a great way to make non-vinyl stickers more water-resistant, but they can be tricky to use. These sheets come in page-sized adhesive sheets with a backing you need to peel off part way before lining up your stickers.

Before you start printing, we recommend you print one sheet as a test run to ensure the visual quality of your design matches what you want it to look like. Then, compare it to the print on your chosen material to see if you need to make any adjustments to your design.

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