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For several decades, Romanians have been registered in France. However, in the nineteenth century, they were mostly poor students studying science or physics. After completing their studies, most of them returned to Romania. In the first World War, the country’s government sent Romanian soldiers to France. In 1916, the Kingdom of Hungary joined the Allies, and Romanian soldiers helped the French fight the German army. In addition, in order to entice these workers to stay, the new French government raised the minimum wage to 690 lei per month. Resource – lucrezineuropa.com

The Philosophy Of Romanian Workers In France

The Romanian government, along with the governments of several other European countries, is currently considering lifting the working restrictions for Bulgarian and Romanian nationals. This would provide legal status to up to 15,000 Roma living in France. President Klaus Iohannis, who is from Romania, has stated that this is “one of the solutions” to the migrant community’s problem. He also acknowledged the importance of civil rights organizations’ claims that removing these restrictions will make integration easier for the Roma.

Besides easing employment restrictions, the French government announced job extensions for Romanian and Bulgarian citizens. This measure will make it easier for them to return home for holidays and keep the perspective of a hypothetical definitive return. And while there are many benefits of living and working in France, it is not easy to make a living. Nevertheless, the government’s policies are a welcome change for many Romanians.

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