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holographic vinyl stickers

Holographic vinyl stickers are made from unique, printed rainbow material that changes color and intensity with light. They’re eye-catching and fun for anyone, but they’re especially great for making your product stand out.

Custom hologram-printed stickers are becoming more popular and important in business today. They complement your products and packaging, give your brand a premium look, and can help fend off counterfeit and imitation products. They’re also useful for security purposes, as they’re hard to copy and can be used as tamper-evident labels.

How are hologram-printed stickers made?

They’re made in the same way as other stickers – ink is printed onto the holographic vinyl, then a clear laminate is applied over it to protect your design. This ensures that your sticker is durable, waterproof and resistant to fading in the sun.

Holographic Stickers for Scrapbooking and Memory Keeping

What’s more, hologram-printed stickers are also very versatile and can be used for a variety of different applications. They can be placed on reusable water bottles, laptops, phones, notebooks, and anything else that needs a touch of color.

Create your hologram-printed stickers with Cricut, the popular cutting machine that’s perfect for making customized designs from paper, cardstock, and more. First, select your design and upload it to Cricut. Next, choose the material type.

How to make hologram-printed stickers with Cricut

When you’re ready to order your custom hologram-printed stickers, just place your order on our website. We’ll send you an online proof of your design so you can make any adjustments needed before it’s shipped to you.

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