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Executive Coaching is a question-based approach to professional and personal development which is geared at developing awareness, creating action, fostering learning and ultimately facilitating transformation and growth. It aims at enhancing performance by assisting people to develop and foster new ways, attitudes, behaviors and skills. Its principle goal is to help people become self-aware, take responsibility for their decisions, set and achieve goals, and gain essential skills in achieving their goals. Click here – Abiola Oke

Executive Coaching – How Can it Help You Achieve Career Goals?

The concept of executive coaching was introduced by German coach Reinhold Voll, who believed that leaders had to be continuously tested to improve their performance, and that failure to do so would ultimately result in them being ineffective themselves. He therefore developed executive coaching as a program to help people rise to the challenge. Since then, executive coaching has evolved, taking into consideration the many nuances of organizational leadership such as vision, mission, values and goals.

executive coaching is best suited for managers who want to excel, especially those whose responsibility involves planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling. These include managers in sales, marketing, information systems, human resources, or operations. To enhance self-awareness, the program includes games, activities, and interviews which are designed to create leadership learning. Through executive coaching, participants are taught to: develop a clear idea of their goals and objectives; understand their immediate environment; set short-term and long-term goals; develop self-organization, self-reflection, goal setting, cooperation, delegation, motivation, and respect. To this end, executive coaching also involves teaching participants the basics of coaching principles, including effective leadership skills, conflict resolution, goal setting, time management, and other leadership techniques.

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