Investment Opportunity in Real Estate

Normanton Park Condo in Malaysia is a new 99-years leasehold condominium development located at 3 Locations in the city. With a total site area of661,001 sqft, it’s the largest city-based mega launch housing 1,863 individual unit, 22 strata residential units and 8 commercial units. Located at cornerages facing Dusit Road, it has been designed with a high-volume retail centre, which gives an easy access for residents to major shopping centres, entertainment centres and restaurants. This project is being developed by the Hyatt Hotel group. Find Out –

Strata Residential Units in Singapore – Offering Luxury Living in an Affordable Location

The first project of the development is a $1.6 million project that will comprise of two-storey residential building with retail facilities on the ground floor. The second project called “Northwood Walk” will comprise of retail shops and a sky-cape at the second storey level. Both projects are proposed as the core of the project, and all the units will be fully furnished and equipped with all the modern services. The district was chosen by the developer kingsford huray pte because the location has good connectivity to the mass transit, rail and the national and international airport and because of the excellent temperate climate of the region. It also enjoys a very low crime rate, which is well suited for people who reside in the region.

The area offers a good lifestyle for its people, who can enjoy a good lifestyle through high standard of education, healthcare and other facilities available in the region. The central district of the city is known for its multi-cultural and multi-ethnic make-up, and hence, many expatriates settled here to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. So if you are looking for a good place to invest, you should go for the Normanton Park condo, which is an exclusive and finest place in the city for investment purposes.