The Growth of the Thailand Gaming Industry

Located in Southeast Asia, Thailand is one of the fastest growing video game markets in the world. The country’s gaming industry is expected to grow to over $2 billion by 2025. It’s not surprising, given the number of Thai gamers who enjoy playing online games.

What is the number 1 game in Asia?

Thailand’s gaming industry has seen tremendous growth in the past year. Several factors drove the market’s growth.

The gaming industry’s rapid expansion is attributed to the rise of mobile gaming. Currently, 95% of Thai gamers play games on their mobile devices. Despite the popularity of mobile gaming, PC and consoles remain the most popular gaming platforms. เล่นกับเราที่

While women are more likely to play on mobile devices, male gamers are more likely to play on PCs and consoles. This means that there is a huge potential for developers to capitalize on the growing mobile gaming market.

The gaming industry is expected to generate over $1 billion in 2020. The government has set a national master plan for the industry. In addition, several key digital organizations are joining forces to promote the industry.

In addition to games, the industry includes esports and data analytics. Gaming has become an important part of life for many Thais. It offers stress relief, social interaction, and opportunities to make new friends.

A recent study found that Thai gamers spend over five hours a day on their mobile devices. In addition, the Thai gaming industry is set to generate more than $200 million by 2021. The Thai government has also supported the industry by setting up the Digital Economy Promotion Agency. This agency focuses on five main areas.

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